Whether you are looking to get started in photography and not even purchased a camera yet or an aspiring professional looking to turn your hobby into that perfect job... Neil will guide you, teaching you how to take amazing images that will not only have a creative edge to them but saleable too, meaning you can be earning from your passion in weeks.

Neil has been referred to as 'A Working Photographer', taking photos that sell time and time again, listening to his clients and adapting to their needs, meaning he understands a number of methods in order to get that great shot.

He works across the UK, in studios as well as peoples homes and in the great outdoors... all of which require a range of styles, lighting and techniques. Neil has made a great living from producing saleable photos consistently hence where his working photographer title comes from.

Check out the packages below, a maximum of 4 people attending each, so hurry and book.

ZOOM - One to One - A one hour lesson.

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A Zoom one to one lesson.

In these one hour sessions you will learn all about your camera settings, the technical side such as auto-focus, shutter speed, white balance, aperture etc and also be set some tasks to do in between lessons, which we review and give feedback on in order for you to learn and so that we can concentrate on your weaknesses. Ensuring that you become an good photographer, no matter what type of photos you enjoy taking... landscape, portrait, nature etc.

The lessons are structured to you, no matter what camera or level you are at, tailored to your needs.

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