Capturing Memories...


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Aiming to provide photos of those diagnosed with terminal cancer mainly but any terminal illness, creating lasting memories for the family of the loved one in the comfort of their home or at their favorite location. Whether it's a child, a mother, a father or grandparent or even a best friend; I would like to give the family a gift of some amazing photographs.

I currently offer photography services with Neil Bankhurst Photography ( but these are charged photoshoots. With this new venture Iam offering  a free photoshoot and photos from the shoot given to the family on a branded USB stick and in a presentation box. I have carried out a few of these shoots but just for local families, I would require funds to be able to do this nationwide and to extend the service to those families.


I will take small studio lighting as well as use natural light to create beautiful images of their child / husband / wife / family member or friend either in the comfortable surroundings of their home or I can meet them at their favorite location where we can get some natural, happy, loving photos which the family can treasure and get made into canvases or photobooks; the photos will be un-copyrighted and un-watermarked so they can be printed anywhere.

The idea was brought about from the unfortunate circumstances of my dad who passed away suddenly after being diagnosed with terminal cancer just 3 months before. At this point I was only doing photography as a hobby but looking back I wish that I had taken some photos in them final months. 

The project will run for one year or for 30 families whichever is first and I will travel nationwide to provide the service. The monies raised will be used for; USB sticks / presentation boxes, marketing of the service, nationwide travel to the families or locations and any associated costs that may occur.

Any profits will be re-invested into the project for coming years and to provide more families with this great service.

I am currently in the process of setting up a charity for this work and the possibility of expanding it into providing weddings for terminal ill patients too.