Capturing the Outdoors...

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Professional Portrait Photographer Neil Bankhurst Photography is offering a photoshoot at your favorite location - meet at a park or at the beach maybe. There's some amazing places in the UK, take advantage of this and your images will not only show the stunning location in all of it's glory but with you in the photo too. 

Maybe you have a hobby that you wish to capture, a portfolio that you need to create or just a unique shot for your social media profiles - stand out from the rest.

Natural lighting can be used to create stunning images but don't worry if the light isn't great - studio lighting can be brought to the location. Everything needed to create those amazing images can be set up outdoors to create unique breathtaking photos.

As well as the un-rushed relaxed photoshoot you will be able to choose digital images of your choice from the photographs taken. This can be anywhere in the UK too. Message me for a free quote.

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